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Delta Holding is a privately owned contract apparel

manufacturing company, founded in 1992. The company is

located in central part of eastern Macedonia on the entrance

of town of Kocani. Today Delta Holding counts 350 employees,

which disposes of one manufacturing plant of its own on the

area of cca 6.300 sqm closed workspace and 24.000 sqm

open space area. It manufactures men and women’s light, and

medium weight garments. Its main facility is one of the most

modern factories in Macedonia.


Monthly capacity is approximately 50000 units. Our

production facility has 9 production lines. Six of the production

lines are producing women’s trousers and skirts with weekly

capacity of approximately 1200 pieces per line. In two lines we

are producing women blouses and dresses and one line is

specialized in fashionable knitwear. Delta Holding has well

equipped Machine Park and implements lot of new technology

of sewing by using automatic and robotic machines in

production. Our CAD System is Gerber AccuMark Professional.



Delta Holding thus successfully serves the international market with high quality production.

Detailed planning as well as efficient use of its facilities and workforce result with quick response capability.

Delta Holding serves numerous clients in the international market, mainly from Western Europe.